Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

RAM Construction opened in 2004.The owner has worked in the construction industry for over twenty years with more than a decade specifically in the insurance restoration field where he was the Vice President of operations for a national restoration company. Our estimators and field crews combine for more than 200 years of construction experience!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a class “A” builder licensed in the state of Virginia # 2705 103393A, we also hold licenses to operate in every county and city we offer service in. We also carry full general liability, commercial automobile and worker’s compensation. Copies of all licenses and insurance policies are available upon request.

My friend/family member knows a contractor, why can’t I just use them for the repairs to my home?

That contractor may work fine in cases where there is minor damage or it is just a small simple repair. But when you are dealing with significant damages that require major repairs, you need someone with experience in this field. Additionally, you may find that your insurance carrier will not pay the full settlement amount if you have not hired a properly licensed and insured contractor.

Why should I use your company instead of a “traditional” contractor?

As a certified restoration contractor, we have invested significant time and resources into the processes and procedures that are familiar to the insurance carriers. This allows us to quickly reach a fair and equitable settlement for the cost of repairs. Trying to reach a settlement without following these procedures could add weeks or even months to the repair process.

Do you work for the insurance company?

No, we are hired by and work for the property owners. Frequently we are referred to the owners by the insurance company but our customer is always the property owner.

Do you give the insurance company a “discount” on the estimate?

No, we utilize a third party estimating system that is recognized by insurance carriers and certified restoration companies as a benchmark standard for pricing. This insures we avoid the issues associated with estimating costs for repairs. This is also the same pricing we offer to our remodeling customers for their projects.

Do you deal with my insurance company?

We work with all insurance carriers and home warranty companies.

How do you get paid if the insurance company is sending me the funds?

As our customer, the property owners are responsible for payment of services rendered. We will provide a clear and concise draw schedule at the time of contract signing so that everyone knows when and how much we should be paid.

Do you only do “insurance” related jobs?

No, we also perform many types of remodeling projects that range from simple bathroom renovations to large scale design build projects. In fact many of our “insurance” customers have us perform additional “remodeling” while we are working at the property.

Do you charge for estimates?

Our first consultation is free and it does include an estimate; however there are fees charged for subsequent visits and estimates. These fees are based on the scale and complexity of the work needed to complete the estimates but they are credited back to the customer upon the signing of a contract for services.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Yes, all work is covered under our warranty for a minimum of one year from the date of completion.

Will the insurance repairs cost me anything out of pocket?

The only cost to the policy holder for any covered insurance repairs would be the insurance policy’s deductible payment.

Do I have to put everything back exactly like it was before the insurance loss?

Many customers decide to upgrade the materials or make minor changes to the areas being repaired. By doing these items at the same time as the insurance repairs, it makes the upgrades much more affordable.

My spouse and I both work do we have to be home while the repairs are being performed?

No, we offer to install lock boxes for worker access during the project. Not everyone is comfortable with this option, so we try to be flexible with scheduling.